Vuoksi ja luode worklife counselling
My word is by half yours (Bakhtin)

About clinical supervision or worklife counselling as I prefer to call it

Clinical supervision was originally developed to enable nurses and other medicare professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills  with the help of a trained clinical supervisor  at their workplace.  That explains the term. However, the modern complex work life at any expert level challenges the persons and the teams today in various ways; not only the medicare professionals. It has been proven to be highly beneficial for managers, employees or teams to have a time and place to reflect upon work related issues fascilitated by a trained clinical supervisor ie. work life counsellor.  To succeed at their work and in their teams and maintaining their well being by doing so.

My approach is based on dialogical, narrative  - strength based orientation.

I offer...


For individual and teams. Also via skype after the initial meeting. Thus you do not need to live in Middle-Finland or Jyväskylä area.

I offer supervision in Finnish, English and German. If the clients have Swedish or Dutch as their native tongue, it is fine. However, I prefer to respond in English.


The dialogic approach has been proven profitable also when people are dealing with more personal issues of changing cultural environment or dealing with intercultural issues in their lives in general.

Topics like:

  • Settling in overseas
  • Returning back to Finland after years lived overseas
  • Intercultural dimensions in relationships,  with your children or grand parents and transnational relatives

are withing my expertise area.


for the personell in intercultural - multicultural related topics

Dialogic Small Group Pedagogy in adult education

Clinical supervision - worklife counselling can be understood as an approach...

where two persons or a group are looking for alternative angles to understand one's work and to relate to it facilitated by a qualified supervisor in a counselling relationship.

It promotes well being.

The specifics of a supervision process - purpose, duration etc. -  are always negotiated case by case.

The sessions and whatever are discussed within are strictly confidential.

You can contact me easiest by filling the contact form which can be found in the Finnish language part of my pages.